Synthmancer - TechYES | 01/10/2022

'Synthmancer' is a piece I created for an experimental electronic music show.

TechYES, a play on 'techno' was an event held in my local area. I created the piece as a poster for marketing the event. The show played out great, each artist's set bringing an entirely different ambience to the night. From a blend of industrial, EBM, and EDM sounds to total atmospheric soundscapes that placed me right into melancholy dystopia. The music heard that evening was the exact sort I will often listen to when creating a piece like Synthmancer, or vast post-apocalyptic scenes. Like many artists I use music as a tool to bring me into a headspace fit for the world I am creating, amplifying creativity, and translating my mood to my brush strokes.

Synthmaster is stylistically unique from anything else I have done so far. For a long time it has been something I get excited to show to others. I have integrated event information in the scene on piping, a poster, a projection from the Synthmancer's helmet, and his stage equipment too. The venue, time and date, event name, and ticket information can be found. Additionally some hidden data can be found, one might need to zoom in to catch it, but looking close enough binary can be found on left side of the Synthmancer's deck reading 10011110 10000110 00110110 11000010. Inverse the order of the digits, translate to ASCII, and you will uncover the first name of the event organizer, 'Clay'. Finally if you have ever made a joke about spelling your own name wrong, you can find a demonstration of the act on the Synthmancer's left arm. I expect 'Dysoth' would be mispronounced even more then Dystoth...


Check out the artists from the show

TORSO Scalebrain James Parrott Steezy Wundr


Blog Creation | 23/09/2022

This is an initial post in the creation of my blog where I will make an array of posts touching on various topics and themes. This will be the place to see art pieces I create that are not quite portfolio worthy but still something I want to share and talk about.

Along with displaying what I create I am planning on discussing my use of opensource tools and software for the creation of artwork and daily computing tasks. Hoping to get some videos out showing my use of creative tools like GIMP and Blender. Aside from that there is a chance I will get into other subjects, interests, and my thoughts as I venture through life.